reading nook beyond words

Curling up with a good book becomes heavenly when you have a great place to curl up. The best part of a “nook” is that it’s literally all you need space-wise. Use what you have and see how easy it is to create your very own imagination station, aka reading nook.



1. Spot the spot

Take a look around your living area for any of the following: a window, an alcove, a corner, extra closet, space under the stairs. All count as excellent choices for a reading nook. Move around a few things to uncover tucked away spots. Ideally, you want a space away from TVs. If possible, use natural light as your focal point.


reading nook

Photo by: flickr/Wicker Paradise under license CC BY 2.0


2. Brighten it up

Nothing beats sunlight for daytime reading but you definitely want a good reading light for all the pages consumed after dark. Keeping your reading space uncluttered is best, so keep things minimal with a book light or a serpentine lamp (the ones with long, flexible necks). Clamped lights also offer versatility for limited options because you can affix them almost anywhere.


Cory Doctorow reading monkey lamp

Photo by: flickr/Cory Doctorow under license CC BY-SA 2.0


3. Have a seat

This might be the most important part of creating your perfect reading spot. A cozy, fluffy place to sink into, like an oversized chair, a beanbag, or even a spare mattress (with some modification) can offer a relaxing place to soak up your stories. Work with your space. Sometimes, cushions might be all you really need.


reading nook

Photo by: flickr/Peter Alfred Hess under license CC BY 2.0


4. Secure a surface

A small end table or upturned crate can give you just the space you need for a mug of hot chocolate or glass of Malbec. Some readers like to have pens and a notepad to jot down ideas while they read. If you have the space, consider a DIY bookshelf to include within your nook.


reading table

Photo by: flickr/Wicker Paradise under license CC BY 2.0


5. Remove yourself

If you need privacy or like to feel enswathed in a cocoon, consider curtains, wall dividers, or Japanese screens to partition yourself off from the rest of the room. These simple solutions can really carve out a space where you thought there was none.


wicker chair nook

Photo by: flickr/Peter Alfred Hess under license CC BY 2.0


Remember, you might need to experiment with a few spots to see what works well. That’s part of the fun. Raid the linens and hit vintage shops for more ideas about how to decorate your nook. A few interesting textiles can take you on a journey of room decorating ideas.

And, of course, now it’s time to get busy on your home library.