Woman dressing up halloween

Break out from the same old boring costumes this year with some alternative looks for Halloween.  This month we take cues from stylist Lindsey Barrow, founder of the Stylekind movement, dedicated to bringing community together through style and awareness. A native of Louisiana, Lindsey styles wardrobes for fashion shoots and personal clients. We asked her to share some style tips for Halloween festivities.

What should we keep in mind this Halloween?

I’m a strong supporter of stylish looking costumes but especially experimenting with non-traditional looks as a “costume.” So this year, I’m seeking out some key trending pieces that will also work double time as fall to winter wardrobe pieces. I’m a huge believer in using items that are versatile enough for use on more than just one day.



Any ideas?

I think Halloween parties can do without another too-short nurse costume. I think the most stylish costumes are the ones that keep kitsch at a minimum, and are more about a look rather than a character.




My best friend and I have this ongoing Halloween challenge. We’ll take an occupation or hobby that should not be sexy like bird-watching or cat collecting and turn it into a costume that is surprisingly awesome! I still remember hunting down my dad’s best pair of binoculars and pinning fake birds all over my bestie. Those are the best kinds of ideas.




Trends like the exposed-sock look are really hot these days. Finding a great oxford loafer perhaps and pairing it with an interesting sock could be a great costume foundation.




Another textile that’s almost always found in thrift stores is velvet. A velvet vest, or skirt can start your base for a Renaissance style costume, or even Game of Thrones characters.




Of course, vintage fur is the only piece you need for a range of flashback costumes. Or you can even re-invent its use by going as a “millennial.” Find a retro t-shirt (Greenpeace would be ideal!), accessorize with your mug of kombucha, and add a finishing detail of statement-making vintage fur.



What’s your general style advice to your clients?

Really want to know? I’m trying to get everyone to invest in fewer things. Which I think is good because a lot of fashion is embracing this minimalist thinking. Ideas like seasonally pruning your wardrobe, filling in and shopping with small designers, vintage stores, or Etsy shops, all add up to a smaller carbon footprint. And even though I know minimalist lifestyles are not for everyone, I do believe downsizing really helps out with that whole decision-making process of being stylishly dressed. 

Keep up with Lindsey and her vintage finds and costume looks at her website and Etsy shop www.lindseybarrow.com and style on!