Bralettes are more than just the piece of clothing you opt for instead of wearing a traditional (AKA uncomfortable) bra. In recent months, bralettes have become a trend of their own and can be seen on just about every celeb and influencer. Not all bralettes are made the same; some are full coverage and can be worn as a top, and some are completely see-through, requiring a little extra boldness. Depending on your comfort level, there’s a bralette (or 50) on the market for you!


Dress it up

Just because you’re technically wearing a bra as a shirt, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some class to the look by dressing it up! Consider pairing your bralette with a blazer, dress pants, and a killer heel to look like a true boss babe.


Pair it with a low cut tee

One of  the best and easiest ways to show off your fav bralette is to pair it with a super low-cut shirt. If you can’t find one you like, DIY it. I love to shop in the men’s department of stores like Forever 21 and H&M to find oversized tee’s and sweatshirts that you can later cut up and customize. Create a deep V shape by simply cutting into the piece of your choice.


Opt for sheer or lace

Pairing your bralette with something sheer or lace looks subtly and effortlessly sexy. As the spring/summer season rolls around, stores and sites will be filled with so many sheer/lace items to choose from you’ll have no trouble finding something that will pair perfectly with any bralette in your collection. These sheer and lace items add the ideal amount of coverage for everyday wear.


Throw on something off the shoulder


If you’re feeling a little more modest, try wearing your bralette with something that falls off your shoulder. An off-the-shoulder look will still have you feeling covered up (and like you’re wearing an actual shirt) but your bralette will be shown off just the right amount!


Show off the back

bralette outfit

Image via @lexiwood


Bralettes aren’t all about the front detail; some of them have beautiful back details as well. Consider picking up a bralette with a gorgeous back design to add to your collection of bralettes. Pair your bralette with an open or low back piece and get ready for approximately one hundred thousand compliments.


Add some bling

bralette outfit

Image via @tiffanywoodxo

Accessorizing is the perfect way to add style to any look, and pairing some bling with your bralette is no different. Because bralettes can usually leave you feeling pretty exposed, it’s nice to balance out that nakedness by throwing on a chunky layered necklace, a bandana, or a body chain.