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As you get older, you realize inspiration isn’t always handed to you. Sometimes, you have to go out and find it. And in our current culture, you might be finding yourself having to look really hard. In a time when strangers say the most hateful things on the internet, remember there is still abundant inspiration and happiness waiting for you just a few clicks away. Want love? Peace? Motivation? Creativity? Positivity? Warmth? We’ve rounded up some of the most inspiring Twitter accounts. Check it out!

The 5 Most Inspiring Twitter Accounts

1. Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek (@simonsinek) is an author, motivational speaker, and consultant. You might have heard of some of his books, like Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last. While he speaks a lot to people in any kind of leadership position, his Twitter page is jam-packed with inspirational tidbits about compassion, self-improvement, and creating the life you want.

2. Jen Sincero

Jen Sincero (@JenSincero) is a #1 New York Times best-selling author, coach, and motivational speaker. A lot of her work centers on helping you become the very best you that you can be. She offers helpful advice for growing financially, professionally, and — oh yeah — kicking butt at everything else in life, in general.

3. Gabby Bernstein

International speaker and #1 New York Times best-selling author Gabby Bernstein (@GabbyBernstein) is a self-described spirit junkie. Even if you don’t consider yourself spiritual, her tweets about finding peace and happiness and filling your life with love will instantly warm your heart.

4. The Dalai Lama

Nobody knows inspiration like the Dalai Lama (@DalaiLama). In a time when hate fills the internet, his comforting words will bring you peace and hope in a way no one else can. His message is simple, really: live a life full of love, and the world will be a better place for it.

5. Lori Greiner

Lori Greiner (@LoriGreiner) of Shark Tank is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and humanitarian — and she also happens to be empowering woman across the globe. Her wise words apply to a lot more than business. Visit her Twitter page when you need someone to help reignite that fire inside of you.