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Whether you’re a color-virgin looking for a head-turning hue or a long-haired vixen hoping to avoid snip-tionary with your hairdresser, Instagram’s savvy stylists will lead you to hair heaven. Seriously, give your bad hair day the finger — swipe through these six Instagram feeds and up your hair game.


1. Mia & Linda Sønvis Bech

@aurorabraids, 252k followers

Happy Easter

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Get ready for straight-up braid porn, Norwegian-style. Champagne blonde Linda, 25, and flaming redhead Mia, 15, are platting their way to Insta-fame with shell-studded fishtails, daisy-woven merged braids, and high curly buns that are fit for a Khaleesi.  Their on-point selfies are set against Game of Thrones-esque landscapes: snow-capped mountains, shimmering lakes,  and dense forest. And the twisted sisters’ artistic masterpieces are usually topped off with crowns, crowns, and more crowns, proving that they’ve conquered the Iron Throne —  or at least, the curling iron.


2. Drew Sara Holjes

@shorthairgirlz, 42.1k followers


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Haranistas, sharpen your scissors. Featuring edgy a-line bobs, wispy bangs, and fierce half-shaves, Drew’s feed will have your ready to lob off your long locks. From loose, blueberry curls to flirty, tangerine pixies, Holijes’ account is ripe with fruit-inspired shades. And whether the daily gram is of Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, or the just the girl next door, we’re willing to bet that the shorter her hair the longer you’ll stare.


3. Nia

@frogirlginny, 345k followers

Frodown time: Nia, 19, is the creator of #HappyFroday, #GoWithTheFro, and Curls Night Out: an international movement that brings women, and sometimes men, together so they can embrace their gorgeous kinks, spirals, and swirls. The Zimbabwean beauty and travel vlogger’s naturally golden spirals will give you serious curl envy.   Her feed is also totally frizz-free. Expect honest-to-goodness product reviews, beauty giveaways, cheeky selfies, the occasional curl-squad us-ie, and a variety of avocado-themed threads — without any in-your-face product placements or inspirational memes to slow you down.


4. Jenny Strebe

@theconfessionsofahairstylist, 425k followers

Inverted fishtail updos and bubble hawks and crown braids! Oh, my! Oh, my! Jenny Strebe, a hair educator and social media guru, seems to know that life is too short for boring hair. Get ready for easy-to-follow tutorials, behind-the-scene peeks, hair product giveaways, and the occasional mini hair stylist post, featuring Strebe’s adorable daughter Magnolia giving fashion dolls a fixer upper. We cower before you, o’ wizard of color! Strebes’ account also features fearless hues: sea green, ultra violet, cotton candy pink, and yes – oh yes – confetti hair — platinum tresses morphed into a rainbow with easy to take out extensions.


5. Heidi Garrett

@heidimariegarrett, 104k followers

Whether you’re a blushing bride planning your wedding ‘do, or a beauty addict looking for your next fix, you’ll want to follow Heidi on Instagram.  Her elegant textured ponytails, romantic side updos, and red carpet-worthy curls will have you saying, “I do”, to summer hair goals. Expect before-and-after photos, “big day” grams, behind-the-chair exclusives, manicure shots, the occasional positive marriage post, and eye-catching hair baubles, from golden leaf crowns to tie-dyed wraps. Garrett also teaches you how to get your glitter on. So you’re sure to outsparkle fireworks or those 30-plus birthday candles.


6. Stephanie Brinkerhoff

@hairandmakeupbysteph, 594k followers

These braids weren't originally part of the plan, but we had to hide a grown out undercut love how it turned out! @msdanidarlene

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Holy mother of pearl! Stephanie’s Insta features serious hair bling: pearl bobby pins, fresh cut flowers, and lace veils. Voluminous low buns, flowing fishtails, double buns: her Southern belle styles are Harlequin-romance worthy. Her account is speckled with wild hues, class calls, occasional tool giveaways, hairstylist humor, and outrageous wedding moments. (Our favorite? A Park City couple doing their first dance dressed as T. Rexes.) So get those thumbs ready for a flurry of double tapping.