Fall in NYC

Some Mondays are like a cannonball into the deep end, a rush of motivation transforming into productivity and industry. Others take off a little more gradually and, hey, we’ve all been there.

When you’re feeling more like wading into the shallow end on a Monday morning, an eclectic mix of chill music can help you coast into the week’s workload and take it easy at the same time.


  1. “Blue Blades” by Lily and Madeleine
  2. “Every Single Night” by Fiona Apple
  3. “1234” by Feist
  4. “Shades of Cool” by Lana Del Rey
  5. “Dr. Blind” by Emily Haines and The Soft Skeleton
  6. “Teardrop” by Massive Attack
  7. “Fall in Love” by Phantogram
  8. “Cherokee” by Cat Power
  9. “Leave it Alone” by Broken Bells
  10. “Open” by Rhye