If you get your nails done regularly, you’re used to being asked what shape you’d like them to be. Traditionally, this has been a simple question of round versus square; but you’ve got so many more options than that now. Most require your nails to be on the long side, but if you can make it work, you’ll open the door to a vast array of nail options, from solid colors to intricate nail designs in all shapes and lengths. Who doesn’t want pretty hands? Here are four of the most popular nail styles right now.



These are rounded and a bit narrow with a very slight point, just like an almond. Perfect if you want to elongate your fingers, the almond shape is a balanced mix of sophistication and seduction.


Similar to the almond shape but (usually) shorter and slightly wider, the oval shape nail has been extremely popular in 2016. We think it’s because you get a long looking nail (and slender looking fingers) without as much obstruction.


This shape is aptly named, just like the almond, as they pretty well resemble actual coffins. They are required to be quite long to make the correct shape, but the end result is feminine and in style, so don’t let the grim designation scare you off.


The stiletto is like the yin to almond’s yang; a little edgier, a little darker. The stiletto is similar to the almond shape but comes to a sharp point. Remember seeing them on Lady Gaga back in 2012 and thinking they were just a bit scary? There’s nothing to be afraid of and plenty of celebrities have proven that on the red carpet by pairing fiercely-shaped nails with chic designer outfits.