I Love Lucy

For some of us, watching TV is kind of like playtime for grown-ups. We watch Sex and the City for the fashion, Orange is the New Black for the drama, and old reruns of Friends for the belly-aching laughs. And just as many of us admire onscreen relationships and their oftentimes fairytale endings, so do we admire the TV husbands who all make it possible, from shows current and of days passed.

1. Ricky Ricardo — I Love Lucy


Sure he’s got a hot temper, but no one can deny that Ricky loves Lucy to the moon and back. All of their fights — typically complemented by Lucy mimicking Ricky’s accent — end in a sweet and affectionate make-up. Although Lucy and her shenanigans often cause worlds of trouble for the nightclub singing superstar, it is always her spunk, creativity, and sense of adventure that he loves anyway.

2. Harry Goldenblatt — Sex and the City

Harry is a real prince — one of the best TV husbands. The men of SATC are abundant, but no one is quite like him. He is Charlotte’s divorce lawyer when her first marriage ends, but he becomes so much more. He accepts her completely, loves her unconditionally, and gives her the fairytale romance she so desperately wants.

3. Sandy Cohen — The O.C.


Sandy is the perfect TV husband and father: sensitive, affectionate, understanding, and always so full of wisdom. I feel like he never makes a mistake. Even when son Seth starts acting up and causing major issues for the family and friends, Sandy keeps his cool and totally wins the Dad of the Year award.

4. Jesse Katsopolis — Full House


Uncle Jesse is a real heartbreaker and always had a new girlfriend, but it is Becky who finally steals his heart. He’s more carefree and she’s more disciplined; and together, they rule the world. He supports her ambitions and is always her biggest cheerleader, earning him a spot on our list of the best TV husbands. And let’s be honest: He rocked that mullet.

5. Dan Conner — Roseanne


Dan and Roseanne are such a unique TV couple. They hardly have the picture perfect life, but that makes them all the more lovable, and so very real. They fight, they disagree, they make jokes at each other’s expense; and they show that marriage is real work. But if you put in the effort, it’s totally worth it.

6. Steve Brady — Sex and the City


You can’t forget Steve… He is as good a husband as Harry is! Miranda is awesome — smart, successful, a loyal friend — but she’s no walk in the park. She’s stubborn as hell, but luckily, Steve is a patient man. He loves her for her faults, instead of resenting her for them. He gives her the time and space she needs to realize their relationship is the real deal, and he showers her with love like she’s never known before.

7. Marshall Eriksen — How I Met Your Mother


Jason Segel can do no wrong, and his character of Marshall Eriksen is further proof. He’s so full of love for his wife that he even accepts a job he wasn’t all too thrilled about to help her get through her credit problems. If that doesn’t scream “sweet husband,” I don’t know what does. Their rock solid and comedic relationship of nearly a decade helps make the show what it is.

8. Eric Taylor — Friday Night Lights


Is there anything wrong with Eric Taylor? *thinking, thinking* No. No there is not. High school football coach? Check. Loving father? Check. Loyal and supportive husband to Tami? Check! He even moves from Texas to Philadelphia when Tami gets a new job. Definitely worthy of a spot as one of the greatest TV husbands.