Boho girl in tribal fashion dancing in afternoon sunlight

Staring out the window as rain slips down the glass panes, I’m draped in a culmination of winter layers, the warmth of a hot coffee dripping down my throat. The spring collection of Free People’s Kaleidoscope Skies is indulging my excitement for summer. Festival season is soon approaching, and I’m getting ever more hopeful that I will soon be able to shed my black winter wardrobe for the colorful classics of festival season.

Festival life has a fashion all its own where you can leave your city esthetics behind and adorn yourself like the colorful, rainbow flower-child inside. During festival season we are able to indulge that part of ourselves that only gets to blossom a few times each year when we’re frolicking in the fields, with music humming in the air, surrounded by strangers, united by music.


At festivals I love fringe. Fringe jackets, fringe vests, fringe necklaces, fringe skirts, fringe you cut up and make yourself. Fringe makes everything more festive.

Boho girl in tribal fashion dancing in afternoon sunlight


Rompers are definitely my go to at summer festivals. Shorts, pants, tight, loose, fitted, there are so many options to fit any mood. It’s the perfect Sunday outfit when the long weekend of fun and debauchery leaves you wanting to just throw something on and enjoy the day, hassle free in full comfort.


Often in my non-festival life I feel a bit shy of over doing it with colors. I use festivals as a time to wear the brightest and most electric colors to decorate myself.

Rearview of a boho girl wearing a floral dress walking through water in nature at sunset


Lace adds a feminine touch to the sometimes boyish look of ripped up cut off jean shorts. Simultaneously, lace looks beautiful with long skirts, and lace vests are a great addition to wear over summer dresses. A perfect way to accessorize, lace just gives you an extra little hint of lightness.

Bohemian styled young woman looking away

Bring any or all of these along with you to the festival grounds and you’ll be feeling like a beautiful summer babe on the dance floor.