Places to Find Volunteer Opportunities Near and Dear to Your Heart

What never goes out of style? Sporting kindness and generosity. One of the many ways to humbly don goodwill is through volunteering for causes that matter to you.

Here’s a list to get you inspired:

Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity has one mission: build homes for people who need homes. Teams of Habitat volunteers all over the world are building homes right now so you can easily donate some sweat equity abroad or close to home. Every person deserves a place to rest and feel protected. You can be a part of the effort that gets them there.


Connect with Your Dream Cause

Do you dream of making the world a better place? connects you with the resources, organizations that can make that dream a reality. Launched in 1985, this global network has some been doing volunteer matchmaking for decades.


Help the National Park Service

Do you love nature and working outdoors? The National Park Service is always looking for volunteers. Park Service opportunities include collecting and gathering scientific data, and helping track wildlife, birds and plants for research projects. If you’re passionate about art, you can apply to be an artist-in-residence.

Give Back to Our Disabled Veterans

The Stephen Siller Foundation raises funds to build smart homes for severely disabled veterans. Smart homes feature voice-activation, automated doors and lights, specially designed showers, custom cabinets and counters, and other modifications needed by many returning veterans. The foundation hosts many 5Ks to build awareness and they always need volunteers.