If you’re anything like me, social media and its targeted approach to advertising fascinate you. It seems the Internet understands us better than we do ourselves, and whenever something we’ve been searching for pops up in a newsfeed, we feel oddly appreciative. It’s almost like having a friend that volunteers their time without being asked – but what if you weren’t looking for anything? What if they just KNEW what you wanted without scraping your hard drive for data? That’s what happened to me the other day.

I was sitting in my office, scanning updates on Facebook when an announcement caught my eye. It was a sponsored post from Bombas, a New York-based sock company that began with an INDIEGOGO campaign. They were promoting a variety of neon-colored socks that offered the one and only feature I had been (secretly) hoping to find: seamless toes—a dream come true. I could almost taste the tears of joy rolling down my daughter’s cheeks when I told her about them. For years, we have argued over uneven stitching and discomfort. And while she whined and moaned because they were either too tight or not thick enough, I continued my search for a more suitable replacement while turning the old ones inside-out. Perhaps this was my lucky day.

bombas socks neon orange

Image courtesy of Bombas

When I clicked on the link to Bombas, I was elated. Right there, on the front page of their website, was proof of their integrity. Written in all caps was something I have never considered: SOCKS ARE THE MOST REQUESTED ITEMS IN HOMELESS SHELTERS. Not only was this company manufacturing high-quality footwear for men, women and children; they were donating a new pair of socks to a homeless shelter for each set purchased online; what a great way to give back to society—SOLD!

bombas socks couple

Image courtesy of Bombas

When the package arrived in the mail, it came with a thoughtful note and a reminder that my purchase had provided socks to four homeless children in need. It seemed like a high price to pay for giving back ($8-12 per pair), but my daughter has never been happier and our lifelong debate over tension and elasticity has ended in a peace-loving way. According to her, these are the most comfortable socks you (and a displaced stranger) will ever own. They stay up, aren’t too tight and never slip down. In other words, they are a perfect fit for anyone, and each unique style comes in a wide array of colors. Who knew that a single pair of socks could make such a difference in a person’s life? Imagine what it can do for the homeless.

bombas womens socks calf

Image courtesy of Bombas

If you have a child with sensitive feet or tenderness issues of your own, I highly recommend giving Bombas a try. They are an honest company, committed to loyalty, with a happiness seal of approval. And, in a world of “what’s in it for me,” it is nice to see someone pay it forward for a change.