From Meg Ryan’s brilliantly faked orgasm in When Harry Met Sally  to the heart-pounding explosions in The Hurt Locker, women directors are responsible for some of the most iconic moments in film history. Yet the vast majority of movies are still directed by men. According to a recent report from the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film, women directed only 7% of the highest grossing films in recent years. The entrenched discrimination against women in Hollywood is so dire that the ACLU just filed a grievance with state and federal agencies to help boost representation of them behind the camera.

In celebration of the incredible women directors who’ve created cinematic masterpieces despite the odds, we bring you this quiz. Find out whose style, subject and voice most match your own sensibilities, and maybe you’ll discover your next favorite movie, too.

(Please select one answer for each of the following six questions…)


  • 1. How would you describe yourself?