Rocking a band tee can be hard, there’s a very fine line between looking super cool and looking like a total groupie. Here’s a whole host of styling tips to reference the next time you decide to rock your favorite band tee!


Make it your own

band tee

Image: Lexi Wood

Sometimes band tees can look a little frumpy because of the cut and sizing; that’s where customizing it and making the piece your own comes in handy. There are all sorts of things you can do to customize your band tee, like cutting off the sleeves, cropping it, distressing it, bleaching it… the options are endless. Lexi Wood, model and fashion queen (above) took her tee to the next level by cutting off the sleeves, cropping it, and creating an open-back design that ties up!


Leave your pants at home

My favorite way to rock a band tee is to skip the pants. I love to shop the men’s section of stores like Forever 21 and H&M and hunt for large and extra large tees. That way, they’re long enough to wear as a dress (if you’re on the taller side, I suggest throwing on a pair of shorts underneath just in case hehehe). If you’re drowning in your men’s tee, consider cutting and sewing the sleeves together to make them a little more fitted to your arms. If you need a little more coverage, consider pairing the t-shirt dress with thigh high boots, because I like to think they’re basically like pants!


Add some glamour

band tee

Image: @ericafox

In fashion, there’s nothing quite like the beauty of contrast. Leather and lace, faux fur and denim, and now, band tees and glam! The easiest (and most fun) way to a little glamour to an outfit is to add some glitter and sequins. A sequin midi or mini skirt is the perfect addition to a band tee because of that extreme casualness paired with the extreme glamour. Stick to a formal shoe (like the open-toed mules above) and simple jewelry!


Prep it up

Similar to the idea above, the most interesting part of fashion is being able to contrast different styles. Preppy pieces are great to pair with a band tee because they’re unexpected! Ballet flats, a small bag, and preppy prints like houndstooth and pinstripe are perfect to tie the look together.


Make it sexy

Fishnets are trendy right now, which is really lucky because they look amazing paired with a band tee. The combination of the ultra masculine band tee with the incredibly feminine fishnet stockings is so pleasing to look at. Disclaimer: you’ll probably need help putting them on (I may or may not be speaking from experience).


Accessorize like a boss

A simple band tee can be taken to the next level with some killer accessories. Genevieve of (above) styled her tee perfectly with a wide brimmed hat, a western-inspired belt, a long cardigan, simple black booties, and some seriously cool sunnies. Some say that you should always remove one accessory before leaving the house, but I whole-heartedly disagree. The more the merrier, right?


Play with colour

While you may be inclined to stick to a muted colour palette when rocking a bold band tee, try the opposite and don’t be afraid to play with colour! Choose any colour on the shirt and play that up; pair your accessories and the rest of your outfit to that colour and you’re instantly a fashion genius. I recently bought a Snoop Dogg ‘Nothin’ But a G Thang’ tee with red lettering and I’m dying to pair it with a red lip, my fav red aviators, and red furry slides!


Never say no to a bold pattern

Whether it be an amazing jacket or some seriously hot shorts (like the pair on Amanda above) don’t be afraid to let your accompanying pieces overpower your tee and become the highlight of your look! Animal print patterns look especially great because they’re usually neutral in colour (so they go with everything) and because you can purchase them within a range of ultra casual to super bold!