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Following a season of dreary skies and muted colors, many are anticipating the greeting of spring with its newness of life and invigorating colors. The release of each fashion powerhouse’s spring collection determines what colors we’ll be sporting in the upcoming season. This year, the runways have spoken and their stories made one thing clear: almost anything goes. Earthy shades converged with vibrant tones to give us a full range of colors running the gamut of, well, the rainbow itself. Read on for our  2017 spring color palette broken down for your wardrobe needs.


Hello to Yellow

Who knew there could be so many variations of yellow? This year’s designers explored every possibility: tempered yellows are seen embracing honey hues while other vibrant yellows loudly made their presence known in statement-making trenches and dresses. Such a broad spectrum makes this color appealing to the masses.

yellow dress


Tickled Pink

Remember when you were a kid eating a sour piece of candy? Initially, the first bite would overtake you and induce that tell-tale, wide-eyed expression. Then the confection would settle in and lose some of its shock giving way to pleasantly mellow sweetness. The same sentiments can be attributed to this year’s pink trend. Cotton candy pinks and deep berry dyes will shock your senses in the most fantastic way. Worn casually in a sweater or jeans, this trend will instantly up your look’s fun factor.

pink pants


Going Green

Green for spring…groundbreaking, right? But this year we’re not expecting the typical Kelly and Hunter greens. More natural hues like kale and greenery will be subtly making their marks. The mild tone of these shades gives you the latitude to easily transform a daytime outfit into one suitable for the night.

Cheerful young woman in sunglasses against blue background. Beautiful female model with long hair.

Flame On

You’re probably thinking “flame sounds like such a dramatic name for a color.” Trust us when we say the ones who assigned this name were onto something. Not just your average red, this color has golden orange undertones that immediately make you think of hot fire; and when worn in a loafer or pant, this color is definitely fire. There’s nothing restrained about this tint and the one who dares to don it is making a very clear declaration: this girl is on fire and she’s okay with it.

Fashion style portrait of attractive female model in sunglasses


Khaki is the new Black

Previously reserved for casual Friday at the office, this understated tone has raised the bar. Seen in footwear and even full suits, Khaki has become the star of the show. What designers have discovered this year is the true versatility of a fabric and color once considered mundane. Khaki pairs well with anything – stripes, satin, floral, beading, and beyond. If you’re looking for a staple around which to build your spring wardrobe, this is it.

khaki pants


Into the Blue

Channel your inner seafarer as you begin building your spring wardrobe. Aquatic Caribbean blues – channeling enchanted springs and waterfalls – will transport you to blissful Islands abroad. From true blue to shades tinged with hints of green you won’t run out of options to choose from.

blue dress