starbucks red holiday cup

The smell of pine. Twinkling lights. The Starbucks red holiday cup — just three things that are symbolic of the holiday season. And the last of the three has officially made its yearly appearance. Starting today, Sbux revealed their 2017 edition of the red holiday cup. It features two hands coming together in the shape of a heart, which has been left blank for you to write the name of someone special. Nothing says, “I love you,” like having your name written on a coffee cup! Once you’ve filled in your heart, Starbucks says you should share it on social media with the hashtag #GiveGood. Why not invite other people to share in your joy?

The Meaning Behind This Year’s Starbucks Cup

Says Leanne Fremar, Starbucks’ executive creative director, “The holidays are about remembering what it means to give love and put goodness out into the world. We loved the idea of celebrating the good in each other this holiday season.” Well said, Leanne. The world could use more of this.

starbucks red holiday cup


The illustration was created by Jordan Kay of Starbucks Creative Studio, who also created this year’s first-ever color-in holiday cup. Kay said of this new release, “The design symbolizes the love and warmth felt during the holiday season, when we connect with friends and family.” The cup is about more than having something that’s pretty to look at to sip your beverage out of. It’s about celebrating the spirit of the season, and the people around you who help make it so special and full of love.

This year, when you grab your caffeine fix, don’t forget to fill in the heart of the Starbucks red holiday cup with the name of someone important to you — a parent, a significant other, your dog Fluffy. There’s never been a better time to drink delicious coffee. Happy Holidays!