Everyone, freeze. This is not a drill. Repeat: NOT A DRILL. Girl Scout cookies are back and officially on sale, and winter just got a little less miserable. Next time you visit the local grocery store, grab a box of your favorite flavor. Or 20 boxes of your favorite flavor. Or 20 boxes of every flavor. We won’t judge. This year marks the 101st anniversary of Girl Scouts selling their delicious treats, and we’re not entirely sure what people did all those years ago before the iconic cookies existed. Seriously. What did you eat?

What started as a tiny bake sale out of an Oklahoma high school cafeteria turned into a nation-wide obsession. Since then, they’ve been refining and improving all of our favorite recipes. Fun fact: one of our top picks — Thin Mints – originally began as Chocolate Mints, in 1951! This year, S’Mores will be back, with both the version that’s dipped in chocolate and the other that’s a graham cracker cookie sandwich. The verdict is still out regarding which flavor is the ~best~ of them all.

Just kidding. It’s Samoas.

Their beginnings may have been modest. But these days, Girl Scouts sell hundreds of millions of dollars in their cookies. Not bad, eh?

Winter temperatures have us shivering to the bone and refusing to leave the house. But next time you hop on the couch for a Netflix binge, don’t forget your favorite cookie. Happy snacking!