Fall has officially graced us, but while most of the population is happily toting their boots and snuggly sweaters, a few of us are still hanging onto what we have left of summer and aren’t quite ready to part ways with the dainty, patterned dresses and short-shorts just yet. Here are a few fail proof ways to transition your summer wardrobe into this season that are weather appropriate and will give your outfits a breezy fall flair!

Layer up dresses

Long live flirty, mini dresses. By extending their length by pairing them with a long-sleeve button-up, sweater, cardigan, or trench coat, you can instantly make one of your favorite summer dresses autumn approved. Try wearing a button-up or light sweater underneath v-neck dresses or dresses with a plunging neckline, or wear a sweater over princess style dresses that flare out at the bottom. Pair knitted cardigans or neutral trench coats over dresses or rompers. 

sweater dress

cardigan dress yellow

Mix feminine prints with bold textures

Floral flourished this year, and the chicest way to host it this fall is to contrast this feminine pattern with a bold, leather jacket. This outfit is the true lovechild of the two seasons, where edgy meets dainty. Finish this outfit off with a pair of ankle or over-the-knee boots.

leather jacket

Image via Pexels under license CC0

Shorts, skirts, and stockings

The simplest way to keep shorts or skirts in your outfit roster this season is to wear a pair of black stockings underneath them or to throw on a pair of knee high socks. Add the warmth by putting on a sweater, scarf and beanie, and some booties.

dress leggings

Image via Pexels under license CC0

leggings and skirt

Keep your toes out

The weather isn’t chilly enough that our toes can’t still get some exposure, so rock those stylish sandals until our feet have to go into hibernation for the winter. Pair sandals or open-toed heels with ripped jeans and chunky sweaters or sweater dresses. Sandals will keep your fall outfits elegant yet laid-back.

fashionable woman

sandals and jeans

Fall is without a doubt one of the most magical times of the year. While a change in weather invites a change in spirit, that doesn’t necessary mean that a complete overhaul of our closets is necessary too. Autumn is the perfect time to meld these two seasons together, just don’t forget to walk around without a pumpkin spiced latte, your most important accessory this season.