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With all the new album releases this summer, we wouldn’t blame you if you found it hard to keep up. Here are some suggestions from us that are worth a listen (or ten.)


How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful – (Indie rock)

Florence and the Machine  If you’ve missed the soulful, yet fierce voice of Florence Welch, or found yourself looping “Spectrum” and “Shake it Out” over and over again the past few years, you were probably as pumped as we were when Florence and the Machine’s How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful was released this past June.

“Ship to Wreck” has a fast-pulsing beat to shake your hips to while skillfully applying winged eyeliner. “St. Jude” has a more ethereal melody, a perfect accompaniment to a cup of morning joe.


Peace is the Mission – (Electronic, electro house, reggae)

Major LazerMajor Lazer’s third album was one of the hottest electronic releases of the summer. If you spent any time at a club, pool party, or around any of your house junkie friends, you undoubtedly heard “Lean On” a gazillion times, and didn’t hate it. With vocals from Danish singer/songwriter MØ, the song features reggae sounds, as is the norm for the group, although accompanied by a more relaxed vibe than may be expected for the genre.

Someone pass the mojitos, and maybe a pillow; we all need someone to lean on.


Beneath the Skin – (Indie pop)

Of Monsters and MenOf Monsters and Men’s second album doesn’t disappoint, but, don’t expect the same sounds we heard in My Head is an Animal. While “Little Talks” may have been on your same playlist as tracks from the Lumineers and Mumford and Sons, Beneath the Skin has a more introspective and spiritual feel.

“Crystals” has a quick tempo, with beautifully elaborate lyrics. “Organs” plays like poetry, pleasant and near brooding at the same time.