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The travel size section of any drugstore is my kryptonite. For some reason, seeing my favorite beauty products in tiny little bottles gets me really excited. While these mini items are perfect for traveling, they’re also perfect to keep in your purse or beach bag on the daily, especially in the summer when you’ll be needing extra products like SPF, dry shampoo, deodorant, and more. Read on to see our list of everything you need to keep in your purse this summer!


Makeup Removing Wipes

There’s nothing worse than being unprepared for an impromptu pool party, or being the girl that can’t get her face wet because she’ll turn into a mascara-running mess.  That’s where makeup-removing wipes save the day. I’m a proud cake-face. I can’t imagine leaving the house without makeup on and I do my makeup the same way everyday; it doesn’t matter whether I’m going grocery shopping or going out for the night. Makeup removing wipes are essential if you’re anything like me, so you can move through your day with your slayed makeup and take it off on the go when it’s time for some fun in the sun.

Dry Shampoo

Superficially, dry shampoo is one of the most important summer essentials. The weather is hot and sticky, and unless you’re Beyoncé (because she has magical powers) your hair is bound to suffer in the heat and become more prone to oiliness. Lucky for you, tons of dry shampoo products come in travel size items that are perfect to pack in your purse for those on-the-go moments when your hair needs a little refresh. Simply spray the product in your roots and rub it in with your fingers- I like to flip upside down when I do this to add a little extra volume!


Something not-so-superficially important is sunscreen! While it may seem obvious to apply sunscreen when you’re planning to spend time in the sun, not all of us do, and we definitely don’t reapply like we should. I find that it’s helpful to always have some sunscreen with me, so I’m always reminded to re-apply throughout the day. My latest favorite sunscreen product is a powder sunscreen that’s formulated to protect the skin on your face, it can be applied on it’s own or on top of your makeup and is perfect for touch ups throughout the day. Bonus: SPF has all kinds of ant-aging benefits!

Oil Blotting Sheets

Summer can bring out the best in us (a glowing tan, more energy, etc.) and it can also bring out the worst (sweat and oily skin.) Even if you’re not prone to having oily skin, you’re bound to become a sweaty mess this summer, on more than one occasion. That’s where oil-blotting sheets come in handy. Oil blotting sheets work to remove excess oil and sweat from your face while keeping your makeup in tact. These will be especially useful when you’re the bridesmaid in 40 weddings this summer.

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Spray Deodorant

I think that this point speaks for itself. Summer -> sweat -> smell (unless you pack a travel size deodorant that is.) I always use and recommend spray deodorants because I can’t stand the sticky feeling of regular stick deodorant, especially in the hot weather.

Hydrating Spray

Another one of my favorite beauty hacks is rosewater!  It’s super hydrating and helps to give me an energy boost when my day is dragging. It also helps to keep my makeup looking smooth and flawless throughout the day. Several beauty brands have come up with hydrating mists that include ingredients like rose petals, aloe, and Vitamin E.

Lip Balm

If you don’t have 102 lip balms in 102 different purses, you should. Bonus points if your lip balm contains SPF, because the harmful rays of the sun can do so much damage to our skin, especially the skin on our lips because it’s so much thinner. Lip balm also is amazing to apply over top of liquid lipsticks that tend to dry out our lips, especially in the hot weather when our lips are dry enough as it is!