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Every now and then, my boyfriend and I will splurge on a fancy dinner. We order whatever looks good, and then I go into a minor state of shock when the bill arrives. It’s a special treat, though; and we always leave with beautiful memories. Our most recent adventure was at Mon Ami Gabi on the Las Vegas Strip for our two-year anniversary. The bread was heavenly.

If you’re looking to drop some serious dough, however, there are several restaurants around the world that are known for their delectable dishes, jaw-dropping ambiance… and hefty checks. Don’t underestimate the experience you’re getting: These places are known the world over for their individuality, quality, authenticity, and attention to detail. Make sure you save up first, because these meals will cost you a pretty penny. Here are some of the most expensive restaurants across the globe.

1. Restaurant Crissier

With three Michelin stars and almost four decades of world-renowned chefs, this fine dining experience in Switzerland is well worth the $415 you’ll have to pay for a multi-course meal. They even offer cooking classes.

2. Masa

Masa is yet another reason to travel to New York City. Self-described as ethereal and pure, Masa offers simple decor, incredibly fresh dishes, and a timeless dining experience. Excluding beverages and tax, dinner at this legendary restaurant will cost around $595 per person.

3. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

most expensive restaurants in the world

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If you’re venturing to the Maldives, you’re guaranteed a stunning getaway. Ithaa is widely considered the most beautiful restaurant in the world. Located in the Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa, Ithaa sits about 16 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean, with enough space for just 14 people. Dinner will run nearly $400 a guest, but the 270-degree panoramic view alone is worth it.

4. Le Pre Catelan

Paris never disappoints, and Le Pre Catelan is no exception. The food is beyond memorable, from the bread and wine to the veal and ravioli. While dishes start around $85, you can opt for a seven-course meal for around $250. The restaurant is set in a pavilion dating back to Napoleon III, and the hospitality and warmth are unbeatable.

5. Ultraviolet

Fly to Shanghai for this one-of-a-kind restaurant that combines food with “multi-sensorial technologies.” Rated not only one of the best restaurants in Asia, but also in the entire world, Ultraviolet offers a single table that seats 10, a 20-course set menu, and a $625 bill at the end of it all.