Trips to the salon and spa are a great way to unwind and keep yourself looking and feeling your best. But these biweekly expenses can sometimes feel a little tough on your wallet, particularly around that time of year when you’re trying to set aside your hard-earned money for gifts. If planning for the holidays has you looking for everyday ways to save, these three health and beauty switches are for you.

Switch: In-salon gel manicures for easy manicures at home

Gel manicures are very popular for their beautiful, long lasting, and chip-free finishes.  The fact that you can leave the salon the minute you’re done without worrying about smudging up your manicure is great for those of us always on-the-go. But these services can cost anywhere from $35-$50 (plus tip) and have to be redone every two weeks.

Try giving your nails, and your credit card, a break through the holidays by doing your own at-home manicures. One kit that we like is the Naked Manicure by Zoya, which costs about the same as one gel manicure at the salon, but will last you through many on your own. According to Zoya, the Naked Manicure’s 4-piece kit contains vitamins, proteins, and botanicals to improve the health and look of your natural nails (their website contains instructions for use.) And, they even have a Naked Manicure kit for men.

Zoya Naked Manicure Women Starter Kit

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Switch: Massage therapy at the spa for a massage ball at home

An hour or more of massage therapy can relieve pain and promote relaxation, but unfortunately, it comes at a price. For some of us, this might be an easy expense to temporarily give up for the holidays, since it’s somewhat of a luxury anyway. But if you have sore muscles and want a form of relief without breaking the bank, a massage ball is an inexpensive alternative.

The Trigger Therapy Massage Ball comes in multiple sizes and will cost you about a quarter the price of a 60-minute massage. All you need is the ball and a wall, or even the floor. You can find instructions on the best ways to reach different areas of your chest, back, legs, and arms by doing a little research on the web. Another good thing about the massage ball is that it’s easily taken with you to work, the gym, on vacation, you name it.

trigger point mb1 therapy ball

Available at and sports equipment stores.


Switch: High-end facials for natural face masks

Facials are a wonderful a way to mind your mug; they can purify pores, help troubled skin, hydrate, and give your face a healthy glow. If you’re considering cutting out your facials in an effort to save money, remember that we’re entering the coldest and driest time of year; your face might need the extra TLC heading into the winter months. You can give your face the attention it needs without splurging at the spa by using face masks once or twice a week. They cost a fraction of a spa facial and take a minimal amount of time to use.

There are tons of options, so you could try a number of different kinds without spending too much. One that we like comes from Lush, Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. According to Lush, their products are made “from fresh organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils, and safe synthetics.” For dry skin, their Cranberry face mask is made with cranberries (for the holidays), argan oil, and rose clay. Plus, it smells amazing.

lush cranberry face mask

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