couple buying a new home

That special someone finally popped the question: “Will you move in with me?” You’ve been dating for a while and now it’s time to take things to the next level. You couldn’t be more excited. But before you start packing up all your things, check out these 10 unexpected things that happen when moving in with your partner.

1. You Realize How Much Stuff You Have

Who knew you were a secret hoarder? When moving day comes around and you finally take stock of the endless boxes you have, it may be a shock. Accumulating random trinkets, clothes you don’t wear, and books is easier than you think, especially if you’ve been living alone for quite some time. Whoops!

When you add that to your partner’s haul, the mass of stuff piles up. Unless you have extensive storage options in your new love shack (unlikely), it might be time to get rid of the things you just don’t need — the both of you.

2. You’ll Have to Talk About Money

Money. It’s one of the main issues couples can’t see eye to eye on or even talk about. In fact, only 33% of people in relationships say both partners share an equal role in financial decision making, according to a Stress in America survey. When you take the plunge and start cohabiting, you’re going to need to have the conversation. If you never broach the topic, one of you could quickly end up resenting the other for spending less on groceries or other expenses. Not a great start to your newfound living status.

3. Date Night Turns Into a Netflix Binge Session

moving in with your partner

Dating before you lived with one another was a magically romantic thing. Spoiler: those days are well and truly over. Now, your dates are more likely to consist of curling up on the sofa in your PJs and watching Netflix for a few hours. While there’s a lot to be said for that, taking the time to get out together now and then is sure to be a refreshing change too. After all, you don’t want the only time you see one another to be in your home.

4. Your Meal Portions Get Larger and Larger

The single life is all about ramen, cereal, and toast. Cooking a massive meal for yourself seems a little pointless. Suddenly, though, when you live with your partner, it’s a whole new ball game. You eat what they eat and, much of the time, that means chomping on larger portions than ever before. From huge stews to tasty curries, there’s a whole world of delicious cuisines out there for you to explore together. But remember, you don’t have to keep up with your partner’s appetite.

5. Your Bathroom Habits Become Less Private

What you do in the comfort of your own bathroom is your business, right? Well, no, not anymore. Now that you’re officially cohabiting, you may have to rethink things. From that first week, your partner will be aware of most everything you do in there from brushing and flossing to… pooping.

At first, the idea of them even knowing you do the latter may feel a little uneasy. Just remember we’re all human and we all use the bathroom now and then. There’s no shame in it, but make sure you lock the door. You have to keep some mystery alive, right?

6. You See Things You Can Never Unsee

While you’re busy worrying about your partner learning your bathroom schedule, you may see a side of them you never expected. Walking in on your partner peeing, picking their nose, or cleaning out their ears may be gross, but they’re human too. While you can never truly unsee those nasty things, you can learn to be okay with them.

7. Sex Becomes… More Routine

couple waking up in the morning

In the first months of dating a new person, passion is in the air. You can barely hold a conversation for more than 10 minutes without wanting to jump their bones. Sadly, it doesn’t last forever.

Living with someone means sex is available on tap 24/7 (should they be up for it, of course). While that may sound like a dream come true, the reality of it is less exciting than you imagine. Since you have more than a stolen moment in which to do the deed, it sometimes gets left on the backburner. Of course, making time for sex is essential, so don’t let that dry patch last too long.

8. You Discover New Quirks About Each Other

When you were dating, you may have thought your partner was a total stud — perfect in every way. Once you move in together, you get the chance to learn new and weird things about them. Who knew that they were a total Star Wars nerd and had all the figurines? Or that they spend every Saturday morning dancing around the house in their boxer shorts? Pfft. If you really love them, you’ll get used to it.

9. Having an Empty House Becomes a Luxury

woman preparing lunch

There once was a time when just being near your partner made you jump with glee. These days, things are a tad different. When your significant other tells you they’re having a night out, you act demure and low-key. On the inside, though, you’re ecstatic. The thought of having the entire place to yourself is all too enticing. You can dye your hair, paint your nails, cook whatever you fancy, and curl up with your favorite book. Sometimes, it’s the simple pleasures of having our own space that we miss the most.

10. You Grow Closer Than Ever

Of course, while there are oodles of teeny snags that come alongside moving in with your partner, there’s one major advantage. This is a new chapter in your relationship — living with one another will bring you closer together and help you discover new things. Before you know it, you will start to be more comfortable with your partner than you ever were before.