girl who recycles everything

Did you know that the average person produces 4.6 pounds of trash every single day? Our carbon footprint is the stuff nightmares are made of, and it’s a growing problem. One girl decided to do something about it, and vowed to switch to a zero-waste life. Now, she hardly produces any trash at all. In fact, she can fit two years of trash in a jar!

While studying environmental studies at NYU, Lauren Singer realized that she wanted to practice what she believed in. So after taking a step back and analyzing her entire lifestyle, she found all sorts of brilliant ways to either reduce or eliminate completely the trash she was producing. By switching to items like compostable toothbrushes and homemade deodorant, she got to a place where should could fit all of her trash from the last two years in one mason jar. Check it out!

There are so many tiny changes we can all make to produce less trash. Simply switching from paper napkins to cloth ones or ditching plastic toothbrushes in favor of something more eco-friendly already has a positive impact. Despite what many people think, you don’t have to change your life completely and give up the things you love. You can start small, take baby steps, and slowly develop new habits. After awhile, you won’t be able to imagine your life any other way.

Did this video inspire you to go green and treat planet earth with a little more respect? Right here, right now, we challenge you to make one change today to produce less waste. Let us know what change you decide on, and how it goes!


Main image: Stories/YouTube