It’s time to pull out your purse and jingle it all the way to the stores. Yes, it’s the festive season once again. While the best of us love to shop, finding the right gifts for your squad can be something of a chore. How can you show your female friends just how much they mean to you? Luckily, we’ve got your back. Check out our gift guide to get a few ideas.

The Holiday Gift Guide for Friends

1. You Can’t Sit With Us Tank Tops

mean girls shirt

Would it even be a squad gift guide without a Mean Girls reference? The short answer is no. For all their faults, the “plastics” are the most iconic girl gang to have ever hit the big screen. With that in mind, here’s how you and your BFFs can pay homage to Regina George and co. Treat your girls to one of these tank tops each so everywhere you go, people know the score — they can’t sit with you guys.

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2. Bond Bracelet

gifts for friends

Sadly, not all besties live in the same city. Life constraints, fancy jobs, and family mean that you may be having a long-distance relationship with your favorite lady. Sometimes, though, it’d be awesome to squeeze her hand and let her know you’re thinking of her. Well, now you can. Almost, anyway. The Bond Touch bracelet is a tech-infused friendship bracelet, which allows you to send a little touch to your friend no matter where she is. You each have a bracelet that you wear all the time and when you want to send a private “I miss you” message, you just need to tap the thing.

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3. Best Year Yet Diary

gift guide for friends

We all have that woman in our squad who is obsessed with organization, productivity, and reaching her goals. (Yeah, she’s the one we all secretly aspire to be like one day!) Here’s the perfect gift for her. The Best Year Yet diary will help your bestie set targets, make checklists, and generally keep control of her entire life. As though that weren’t enough, it also comes with a gorgeous vintage design to boot. Give it to your gal pal and help her make 2018 the actual best year yet.

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4. Non-Spill Wine Glasses

gifts for wine lovers

There’s always one friend who can’t manage to go a whole evening without an accidental spillage. You know who I’m talking about, right? Here’s the perfect gift for your clumsiest of friends. The non-spill wine glasses can rock from side to side without ever falling over, which means that your friend’s clothes will be safe once again.

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5. Yas Queen Stationary

yas queen stationary

You should never underestimate the value of epic stationary. If one of your besties is a master of writing letters, this gift will be ideal for her. The Yas Queen set features sassy, strong women, ranging from Beyoncé to Marie Antoinette, in enchanting designs. The greatest thing about this present is that you’ll likely get one of the cards back when your friend writes you a thank you note. Bonus.

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6. Cute Cat Bag

cat lover purse

Thou shalt never use the phrase “crazy cat lady” around this girl. After all, there’s nothing wrong with being an out-and-out kitty lover. Should you have a bestie who always has cats on the brain, she will fall head over heels in love with this bag. There are a few different styles from which to choose, but each of them has cute kitty ears and even a face. You could even say that the bag is purr-fect! Now, no matter where she is – at work or brunch – she will have a little reminder of the ball of fur she loves so much.

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7. Mistletoe Teak and Twine Box

christmas gifts for friends

Luxury knows no bounds in the world of Teak and Twine. The range of relaxation boxes means you’ll spend hours browsing the site and hardly being able to choose. The Mistletoe Box is surely one of the best on offer, boasting an organic nut and cocoa spread, a delectable peppermint bark chocolate bar, and a spruce scented woodlands candle. The entire gift set comes in a festive red and green box and is ideal for any of your dearest friends.

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8. Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer

gifts for squad

There’s something oh-so-romantic about physical pictures. Forget having thousands of never-looked-at snaps on your phone or Facebook. What about the photographs that you can actually hold? That’s what the Prynt Pocket is all about. The little gadget can be attached to a smartphone, which means you can get instant pictures wherever, whenever. Should one of your friends be a selfie-loving fiend, this is the gift for her.

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9. Best Friends Necklace

gifts for best friend

Let’s be honest: sometimes, friendship jewelry can be a tad tacky. In times gone by, BFF bracelets and necklaces were adorned with hearts, bears, and stars. It’s all cute stuff but doesn’t quite fit the image of a fashion-forward lady. Well, times are changing and now you can bag a necklace that’s at once minimal and stylish. Gifting your friend a necklace like this is the ideal way to show her she still very much has a place in your heart. This one definitely deserves a spot on our gift guide.

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10. Alternative Gym Bag

after this were getting pizza bag

Without a doubt, the special ladies in your life will be planning to get fit come 2018. Why not help them along the way? The After This We’re Getting Pizza Gym Bag is the perfect way to incentivize them to work out. After all, most of us would do anything so long as we get a cheesy slice of pizza afterward, right? Plus, when you unzip this bag, you’ll be in for an extra surprise. The interior is neon pink! Sassy.

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