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Don’t let anybody fool you–being a woman isn’t easy. We contend with a monthly visitor just to let us know we’re not bearing a child, and we accumulate excess weight, especially as we age. However, some issues we endure are abnormal and are oftentimes a sign of a more complicated problem. Here are some uncommon warning signs you shouldn’t ignore.


Unclear Thoughts or Foggy Memory

While you may joke that your unclear thoughts are just a bad day or your foggy memory stems from early onset dementia, these actually can be signs of a hormonal imbalance.

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Women produce two main hormones – progesterone and estrogen – which control many of the actions that go on in their bodies. Additionally, a woman’s body produces testosterone. These hormones must be balanced in order for everything to work as intended. The issues with mental clarity might be attributed to an estrogen imbalance so it could be worth a talk with your doctor.

You’re Furry

Genetics isn’t always responsible for your hairy back. If you feel as though your arms and face are hairier than most, you might be suffering from a hormonal imbalance. This particular symptom could stem from the overproduction of testosterone or another androgen. 

Leg Cramps and Tingling

If you experience leg cramping, tingling, or numbness, you might be pregnant. Oftentimes, sciatica occurs during the first trimester as a result of your hormones changing. This symptom will usually subside by your second trimester, but you may notice it’ll appear again during your third trimester as a result of the baby pushing on your sciatic nerve.

Heavy Period

While you might have been told that everyone is different and each woman will experience her period differently, there are some commonalities you should expect. For instance, your period should last between three to seven days, and the flow will tend to change throughout your period until it stops completely.

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But, if you’re having periods that last longer than a week and most of the days are heavy, you should see your gynecologist to determine the cause of your menorrhagia. A longer, heavier period doesn’t mean your extra not-pregnant for the month; it can mean you have a hormonal imbalance, or it could be an indication of other problem such as endometrial hyperplasia, thyroid imbalance, infection, bleeding disorder, or even cancer.


It’s normal to have moods like anger and frustration when you have to, say,  wait in a long line or your car is rear-ended. However, you shouldn’t feel angry, cranky or agitated on the regular. Your anger may stem from anxiety or depression, so take note of how often you have these feelings and consider speaking to a professional if it’s becoming a common occurrence.