breakfast in bed

Staying in another’s home is never quite as comfortable as staying in your very own. To give your company a true luxury getaway, add these unique touches to their overnight stay. Here are five ways to transform your home into a B&B for house guests.

1. Create A Sweet Suite


The Not-So-Basic Basics

Be the best host you can be by going above and beyond fresh sheets and towels. Stock the guest suite with a radio alarm clock, a luggage rack, an iron, a night-light, plenty of available velvet hangers in the closet and an external battery pack to fuel a full day of sightseeing for those who have left their chargers behind. These are the not-so-basic basics when starting a bed and breakfast in your home.

Extra Luxuries

Make your guests feel they’ve entered a sweet suite by adding fresh flowers around the room, a few popular books, local magazines, the city’s latest Zagat guide, a side chair for reading, a soft throw for afternoon naps and a fragrant candle and matches. For the ultimate extra luxury, hang fluffy white robes (monogram optional) near the bathroom for instant guest relaxation while in the bedroom and bath.

The Spa

Create a home B&B spa with endless cotton balls and swabs in pretty containers, white slippers to match those fluffy robes and a fresh set of high-end hand soap, hand cream and body lotion. Set an inviting bath scene by adding a bath tray complete with book stand and wine holder, a nearby basket with fresh washcloths, bath salts and aromatherapy bubble bath. Be sure to stash extra toilet paper and a hair dryer in the vanity. For a final spa touch, provide a basket of travel-sized toiletries guests may have forgotten and don’t necessarily want to ask for: shampoo, conditioner, floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, razor, shaving cream, face wash, sunscreen and makeup remover. Now, the hard part: walk out of the room and leave it all for your guests.

2. Partially Plan Their Day


2-Hour Breakfast

Set a two-hour window for breakfast in the morning, so houseguests can rise and dine (somewhat) at their leisure. Satisfy all cravings by including morning menu options that are both carb-loaded, like homemade pancakes or your town’s best baked goods, and light and healthy including fresh berries, yogurt, granola and egg white scramble.

Happy Hour

Setting a daily happy hour time puts a smile on everyone’s face and motivates guests to rest and refresh before raising a glass to the evening ahead. Offer an hour of cocktails and a spread of various appetizers both hot and cold.

An Evening Out

Make one restaurant reservation for your guests at a popular spot in town. If they are party people, also suggest a nearby lounge for after dinner. If they aren’t interested in the cuisine or getting out and about, offer to cancel it. This way, it’s one less thing they have to figure out. Homebodies? Let them choose between relaxing for a movie night with popcorn on the couch or get fancy and host a wine tasting before dinner at your home B&B.

3. Hometown Hit List


Pretend you’re a tourist in your own town and research the best things for your guests to do in the area during their stay. Be sure to gear activities to the exact crowd, customizing it based on whether you’re hosting a young couple, grandparents or a rowdy family of five. Include the best boutiques, fine dining, burger joints, off-the-beaten path neighborhoods, most photogenic places, standout museums and parks and music venues. Now, once you’ve done the legwork, leave it to them to choose the itinerary that will delight them most.

4. Play Mixologist


Stocked Options

Even if you only ever saw your old college friend guzzling no-name beer, people change and so do their drink preferences. Make sure your bar is fully stocked with the major liquors, mixers and an assortment of wines including rosé and sparkling, so everyone is cocktail content.

Shake It Up

Surprise guests by pouring them a signature hand-crafted seasonal cocktail with uniquely shaped ice cubes, fresh fruit garnish and a chic cocktail napkin underneath.

5. Midnight Snack Box


The Munchies

In case the midnight munchies attack, leave a snack box in the guest room with chocolate, granola bars, dried fruit, mints and gum, so overnighters won’t have to sneak out to the kitchen for a snack late at night.

Satisfy Their Thirst

A full mini bar might be a bit ridiculous in your guest room. However, an assortment of beverages at the ready is not. Stuff the snack box with bottled water, soda and seltzer, too. Then, just add clean glasses and a fresh cup of ice each evening to satisfy their thirst.

Next Day Necessities

In case your sleepover pals get a little too rowdy at night, throw some ibuprofen, Gatorade and a few packages of Emergen-C vitamin supplement packs in the snack box, too.

Whether you test out all of these home-to-B&B transformation tips or just a few for upcoming houseguests, it’s almost certain these luxuries will result in some happy campers.

WARNING: Offer these luxury upgrades only to your favorite houseguests. After feeling this spoiled, they may never leave. Also, you may have so much fun hosting that you’ll consider starting a bed and breakfast outside of your home.