cheese platter

Every year, different stores and brands celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with special sales and giveaways. This year, Whole Foods is getting in on the action, with the 12 Days of Cheese. Starting yesterday, December 8, and ending December 19, you can get select cheeses 50% off on the day that each is featured. And get this: each cheese was carefully selected by cheese experts. Yes. YES. That’s an actual career field. Whole Foods calls them regional Certified Cheese Professionals.

Dreams really do come true.

They went with a healthy variety, including light and dark, gooey and crumbly, and all kinds of cheesy flavors. You can visit the web page to see what cheese is featured each day. Today, for instance, is Mons Époisses. Tomorrow is Vermont Creamery Bonne Bouche. I have no idea how to pronounce these or what they taste like. Do I care? No. Whole Foods, here I come. They’ll even tell you the wine they each pair best with. Happy Holidays to us!

Do you see a cheese on the list that you like? Which ones do you plan to try? I’ll problem sample one of each. Don’t you judge me. The next 11 days are going to be a cheesy dream. Macaroni and cheese. Grilled cheese. Eating wedges and bricks of cheese straight out of the wrapping. It’s the holidays. Commit. Go big or go home, people.