pregnant woman typing on computer

The end of the year is a tough time for students. You’re cramming in that last-minute studying and trying to get through all of your exams. For Nayzia Thomas, it was even harder. This young woman finished her final exams from a hospital bed. Why? Because she was about to give birth. Thomas’s mom took a picture of the student and posted it to Twitter, and the internet fell in love. She’s quite the model student, too. She was completing the work ahead of time so she didn’t get an incomplete. And? She finished with a 3.5 GPA. The Johnson County Community College student of Kansas City has unintentionally become a huge inspiration.

And I thought my college finals were rough…

Even after finishing her work, there were more challenges ahead. Thomas got through her delivery but had a bit of a health scare after giving birth. Rest assured Mom and baby are both safe, though, and she kept a positive attitude the whole time.

Wishing happy holidays for this beautiful family (and a smooth second semester!).