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As with anything that requires personal initiative and determination, strength in numbers is a given. This is especially true for workout regimens. Setting fitness goals with a friend or significant other can drastically increase your chance of success, especially if you partner with someone who will challenge and impel you. Whether you’re looking for a complete body overhaul, or a gradual improvement, working in pairs doubles your responsibility to get out and active. Foster your relationship and health with modified exercises made for two, and fall into a routine with these long-term workouts.



crossfit couple

The CrossFit regimen strongly encourages a sense of community, especially among the genders. In fact, statistics suggest the program is equally popular with men and women, giving it an edge on programs that may unfairly hold a gender bias. Whether you’re looking to get in shape with your husband, wife, or best friend, CrossFit may not demand a powerpoint of persuasion. Focusing heavily on aerobics, calisthenics, and weightlifting, CrossFit provides exercises for all body types and goals.



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You may have to use your powers of coercion if your partner isn’t stoked about the idea of communal dancing, but the payout is worth it. Zumba is a fun, natural way to get in shape and feel good. Using sanguine music such as hip-hop, salsa, and mambo, the routine often includes high aerobic moves and plenty of squats and lunges. You and your partner will have a blast participating together, even if you’re just laughing off charming dad moves.


Bikram Hot Yoga

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You’d be remiss if you haven’t considered adding yoga to your workouts. Bikram Yoga, in particular, features more than 26 moves and positions to strengthen your core muscles. Beginners classes are typically offered in 90 minutes segments and practiced in a room heated between 95 and 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Taking a partner to a few classes will help the two of you grow physically and spiritually, as this practice is designed to reduce stress and ease everyday tensions.



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On the flip side of Hot Yoga is Bootcamp. Most fitness centers offer some kind of Bootcamp class you and your partner can participate in together. This rigorous, fast-paced routine can be relentless for someone not mentally determined to live a healthy, active life. Be prepared to be pushed to the extreme, as these workouts have U.S. military-grade expectations. If you and your partner have the proper motivation, Bootcamp will whip you into shape this season.



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Kickboxing and mixed martial are an educational way to work on self defense with a partner. Taking up a beginners class with a friend or significant other is an unconventional way to stay fit and learn a new sport, one that could potentially save your lives.