For anyone who regularly attends yoga class, you’ve likely had the experience of being lost in a sea of Lululemon lycra. And while it is as great a brand as any to move and sweat in during your yoga practice, there are some excellent (and fashionable) options out there that you should know about.

And who knows? One of these other fashionable lines might just show off your unique style, both in and out of the studio. Not to mention, some can save you money while still providing an extremely high-quality product.

Here are the top eight fashion yoga brands not to be missed this year:

Beyond Yoga

Made for women by women, Beyond Yoga prides itself in producing high-quality sportswear for not just yoga, but for everyday life. As opposed to some criticism over the sizing of some other popular yoga brands, Beyond Yoga makes a point to only use non-retouched photography and comes in sizes XXS-XXL. They also take pride in their philanthropic endeavors, so you can feel good about how your money is being spent. Orders are all placed online.

beyond yoga clothing

Image courtesy of Beyond Yoga

Beyond yoga clothing

Image courtesy of Beyond Yoga


Onzie was created by a 20-year-old Bikram Yogi and describes its look as “active apparel that is functional, flexible and flattering.” Made in California and on the more affordable side, Onzie creates no-frills yoga and daily wear that is made not only to sweat in, but to last. With everything from sports bras to loungewear, Onzie also offers free priority shipping anywhere in the United States. 

onzie yoga clothing 2016

Image courtesy of Onzie


With seven stores across the country, prAna offers affordable and unique clothing to meet just about any active-wear need. Started in California, prAna products are stylish, versatile and sustainably made. From yoga to rock climbing to grocery shopping, you’ll find truly unique and sexy styles to choose from. Aside from their chic look, prAna clothing is made from sustainable materials such as hemp, organic cotton and recycled wool.


Made with love in the USA, Teeki is certainly edgier and sexier than your average yoga wear. If you’re looking to express your individual style, this is the brand for you. Teeki also makes Eco-friendly clothing not just for yogis, but for surfers, dancers, athletes, and gym-goers. They even include recycled water bottles in their materials!

Lorna Jane

Said to be the next Lululemon, this designer Australian brand has hundreds of stores worldwide. Founded by a fitness instructor in 1989, Lorna Jane produces clothing for women wanting to “lead her best life through active living.” On the pricier side, Lorna Jane also prints inspirational slogans on many of their items (which may or may not be something you like). Be aware that they only accept returns for exchange or store credit, not for “change of mind purposes.”


Zella is a Nordstrom line of active wear, and looks fairly similar to the design of Lululemon, while generally being a fraction of the price. Actually, some of Zella’s products are so similar to Lululemon because the same product manager was hired in the design. The fabric feels a bit thinner and lighter than a pair of Lulu pants,  and their design is classic and sensible while still being highly fashionable.


Zobha integrates fashion and fitness in a sexy way , and is perfect if you’re looking to feel comfortable and flirtatious in your yoga class. Zobha prides its brand in catering to women who are “edgy, modern or urban” and who want to “effortlessly infuse fitness and fashion.” They are an online company, but offer a 30 day no-questions-asked refund policy.

Mika Yoga Wear 

Mika Yoga Wear doesn’t stop at yoga, but also specializes in active wear for pole dancing, hot yoga and swimming. This family owned company produces their goods in Peru, and describes their brand as “fresh, flattering and feminine.” Their prices are  competitive, and you can also find some great deals in the sale section of their site.

You don’t have to dress the same as your fellow-yogis. By exploring some of these lesser-known but super fashionable yoga brands, you can choose what speaks to your style and personality. Also, check out this artsy and locally made option for yoga mats and accessories by Magic Carpet Yoga Mats. Next time you’re on the market for fashion-friendly yoga gear, try some of these fun, unique and stylish alternatives.

*Featured image courtesy of Onzie