If you think you’re a Netflix-bingeing couch potato now, just wait until 2018 hits. Come January, tons of amazing titles will be making an appearance, leaving me with one important question: how am I going to find time for all of these before they disappear again? I won’t hold you in suspense any longer. So, what’s coming to Netflix in January? Here are 10 of my top picks. (You can see the whole list here.)

1. America’s Sweethearts

Julia Roberts loves John Cusack. John Cusack loves Catherine Zeta-Jones. Billy Crystal and Hank Azaria are hilarious, as always. Forget what you know about rom-coms. This one will make you laugh. Make you cry. Make you want to grab John Cusack by the shoulders and scream, “Wake up, man! Julia Roberts wants you!”

2. Every Single Bring It On

I’m hyperventilating. The original Bring It On changed the way we look at cheerleading and made people like me want to become a cheerleader even though I can hardly get up the stairs without tripping. The cheers are catchy. The choreography will leave you breathless. Be. Aggressive. B-E. Aggressive… and watch this in January.

3. The Italian Job

Let’s cut to the chase: anything with Charlize Theron is an automatic win. Mark Wahlberg doesn’t hurt either. Aside from all the pretty people in this film, the story itself about a group of people planning a major gold heist against a former ally is pretty attention-grabbing/will give you severe anxiety.

4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Oh, Kate Hudson. Kate, Kate, Kate. You had to know you were going to fall for Matthew McConaughey. Something about this flick is so endearing — even though, you know, KH made MM fall for her all for the sake of a magazine article and MM won KH over just to win a bet and land a big deal at work. But whatever.

5. The Truman Show

It’s the movie that made all of us think we’re unknowingly starring in our own show and people are watching us all over the world. Jim Carrey is legendary in this role, in the way that Jim Carrey is legendary in literally every role he takes on.

6. Wedding Crashers

Silly Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson should’ve known better than to mess with the Cleary family. These two wedding crashers cause quite a commotion and make some enemies along the way. Will they end up finding (and keeping) true love?…

7. Apollo 13

The inspiring story of Apollo 13 will have you hooked from start to finish. And while the ending is a tad bittersweet, this crew’s journey is nothing short of historic; and Tom hanks is brilliant, although that goes without saying.

8. Troy

You get to see the side of Brad Pitt’s tush. The end.

9. The Exorcism of Emily Rose

I know, I know. There are too many exorcism movies to name. But this one is really good — I mean, ya know, if you don’t feel like sleeping for the next several nights.

10. Love Actually

This is more of a holiday movie, but we’ll take Love Actually any time of year. Follow eight loosely intertwined couples in their adventures of love, and then we’ll talk about how adorable Hugh Grant is.


Main image: Paramount Pictures